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Evening dresses for men are not as varied as women but still there are quite a few options to choose from. Depending on the occasion, the formal dress code that a man has to follow may be:

  • White Tie
  • Black Tie

Have a look at the following video which will demonstrate how to identify a perfectly fitting suit.

White Tie Evening Dresses

On the occasion of white tie events, men are expected to wear the white tie ensemble. A white tie ensemble comprises a tailcoat, white waistcoat, formal trousers, white bow tie, white shirt, cuff links and formal shoes. Accessories that go appropriately with these evening dresses can also be worn.

A tailcoat is always black and tailored fitted to the body. It gives the impression of length and shorter men also look good in a tailcoat. The tailcoat jacket is single breasted and unbuttoned; it’s never closed. The waistcoat may be single breasted or double breasted but always white. The trousers with the tailcoat have a high waist and are worn quite higher than the waistline.
The tailcoat dress is so tight fitting that belt cannot be used with the trousers, so suspenders are used instead. The shirt and the bow tie are also always white. Some of the accessories that you can use with the tailcoat dress are cufflinks, shirt studs, white gloves, white silk scarf, white handkerchief, etc.

Black Tie Evening Dresses

On the occasion of black tie events, men are expected to wear the black tie ensemble. A black tie ensemble comprises a dinner jacket or a tuxedo, black evening waistcoat, trousers, black bow tie, shirt, cuff links and black shoes. These semi-formal evening dresses can be accessorized as per the wearer’s tastes and occasion.

The dinner jacket is called tuxedo in the US. The dinner jacket may be single breasted or double breasted in black or navy blue color. So you get at least some options for a semi formal black tie occasion. The trousers again can be black or navy blue, depending on the color of your jacket or tuxedo.

The shirt should be white with contrasting black ties. Shoes should be black, combined with silk stockings. To accessorize your outfit you can add cufflinks, shirt studs, etc.

Men’s Dress Suits

Besides the occasions where white tie or black tie dress code is mentioned on the invitation, men can wear suits as evening dresses. The suit comprises coat or jacket, coordinated trousers, shirt, tie and leather or suede shoes.

There is no strict code for the type of jacket or trouser or shirt for the suit. But you should take care not to be too informal or casual in dressing up.

White tie and black tie evening dresses and suits have been fashioned by the western men. Besides these, men can wear their national dresses for formal occasions. Here is a list of a few formal dresses of the world:

  • Sherwani – It is the formal dress worn by Indian and Pakistani men at formal occasions like weddings.
  • Shalwar Qameez — It is the formal dress worn by Pakistani and Bangladeshi men for formal occasions like state dinners and weddings.
  • Daura Suruwal — It is the formal dress worn by Nepali men.
  • Scottish kilt — Evening dresses worn by men of Scottish descent.
  • Bunad — It is the formal dress for men in Norway.
  • Hátíðarbúningur — It is worn by men in Iceland to formal events.
  • Dashiki — worn by men in West African countries
  • Barong Tagalog — It is worn by men of the Philippines.

The choice of evening dresses should depend on the type of built you have. Men are categorized as tall men, short men, heavy or thin men. Again you could be a combination of any of these categories, so you should take care that you are able to highlight your strong points while camouflaging the weaker ones.

The Tall Man

Tall men should prefer horizontal lined patterns over stripes. They will make him look fuller. If at all they wear stripes, it should be thicker rather than pin stripes. Tall men should go for pocket squares or wider trouser cuffs; that should counter the look of his thin frame.

The Short Man

Contrary to the tall men, short men should go for stripes rather than horizontal patterns; that will give a feel of length. The jacket or coat and the trouser should always be the same color. Also, have a double point fold for your pocket. Get your evening dresses in dark colors because they give a slimming effect.

One problem often faced by short men is that their heads look disproportionately larger than their body. To counter this they can go for wide shouldered jackets and trim hairstyle.

The Heavy Man

Heavy men have their waists larger than their chests. They find it difficult to fit into off the rack garments because their chest to waist ratio is skewed. Therefore the heavy men should go for tailoring and have their jackets cut generously. They should not wear form fitting clothing. If you are heavily built, choose vertical lines and dark solid colors for your evening dresses.

The Thin Man

As opposed to the heavy men, thin men need to add weight to their bodies. Thin men should go for horizontal lines in their evening dresses. The garments should not be too form fitting or too loose because that will only accentuate the thinness. Well cut suits with square pockets and wide lapels will be good for them.

Combination Man

A man could be a combination of these types. They have to pay extra attention to the type of fabric they choose, fitting of the suit or trousers.

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As the saying goes: “Clothes maketh the man” and whichever way you look at it, your feeling of well being goes hand in hand with the way you dress. Psychologically but also physically you are in a different world if your dress radiates quality and uniqueness. So treat yourself and get one of those ideal evening dresses.

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